How to get rid of social media addiction

Photo by Rahul Mishra on Unsplash

Now days there are many applications out there which are like toxins to our brain. And even knowing this fact we constantly keep using them because they give us sense of pleasure.

Here I am listing few ways which helped me to get rid of social media addiction + addiction of using phone at all.

1. Use web version of every app.

The apps are designed after doing a lot of research and studies. Now a days apps are very smooth and gives very pleasant experience when we use them, and this is the place we get caught in the hands of companies.

I know uninstalling apps not going to fix the addiction of using app. We definitely going to come back to it.

But there is a workaround of it. Uninstall the apps and use the web version of the same. Sometimes solution to a big problem is very small.
For Example: For instagram use likewise for facebook and other social platforms.

The reason being, you will still be able to see all the content, but there will be no smoothness, no pleasant experience. Without these you will be simply checking the feed and due to lack of dopamine, chances are your usage will decline gradually.

Here is the side by side comparison of instagram app and web version interaction experience.

I am toggling b.w. profile and notification screen.

2. I am in love with Shades of Gray


Who doesn’t like colors. And companies know this better than us. They use such eye catching color that we completely fell in love with them.
Just see the icons of popular app like facebook, instagram, google how beautiful they are.Due to this fact, some times I just open my phone to only see the my app drawer. It’s so colourful.

And by chance if you rich and have high end phone with retina display which has 120Hz Refresh rate… then you’ll experience the vibrancy of color at an extent that a person with normal phone can’t think of.

Never mind, Now I don’t care about device refresh rate our color. Because I run my phone in GREY SCALE mode.

It’s just like that I using a black and white phone. Few days it felt weird by after that I got used to it.

Also you can understand how important are colors for the companies by this fact that if you try to take screenshot in greyscale mode, it will be converted to color automatically. Apple do not allow you to take greyscale.

Here are the few clicks which I captured from my camera:

Here is how you can do it in iPhone
Settings — Accessibility — Display & Text Size — Color Filters — Turn of the Color Filters switch and select GreyScale

Here is how you can do it in android

If you are trying to lose addiction from social media, then you may give these two simple methods a try and do let me know if any of it works for you.