Frequently asked Frontend programming interview questions

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1. Count the occurrence of characters in given string

2. Shift all 0s to the right

3. Create a Singleton instance from functions

4. Pollyfill of bind

5. Pollyfill of Promise.all()

6. Flat a given array with and without level control

7. Infinite Currying

8. Find nth Largest and Smallest number

Although, interviewer was not happy with this solution, he was looking a solution without sorting.At that time I can only think of a solution using for loop.Do let me know if you have any better solution for this.

9. Check if String is palindrome

Note: This will not work in case of string have spaces.

10. Fibonacci series with Memoization

console.timeEnd(); // 1.408203125 ms
console.timeEnd(); // 0.015869140625 ms

11. Implement Debounce

13. Check if pair with given sum exists in an array

To check knowledge and understanding about DOM manipulation:

1. Implement Tic-Tac-Toe using any JS based library or framework. (Meesho)

Design Pattern Question: Implement Pub Sub Pattern(EPAM)



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