Cross Fading conditionally rendered react components.

In most of the cases we tend to render a react component based on some condition. Some examples:

{showProduct && <Product />}{data.length && <List />

Code wise everything is right. But in UX point of view it’s not as good as we want.

Let me show this by an example. I’ve a Product component, and I am rendering it based on state showProduct .

Now, lets see the behaviour in browser:

As you can see, Product component is toggling with every click. But it is not good to our eye. The component is vanishing immeditaley, giving a feeling of flickering.

We can easily avoid such situations with cross fade animation by modifying our code little bit.

Cross fading animation for conditionally rendered react Component

Let us see the end result first, so that you can decide to further read the article or you can save your time:

End Result

In order to acheive cross fade animation, we have to do few changes in both of our component. (Parent component and the component which we want to render conditionally.

Key Points:
1. We have to add some simple fade in/out animation
2. Change the implementation of handleClose in parent component.
3. First hide the component, and once it is hidden only then change the state showProduct.

Change 1: Add these style in your css/scss file.

Change 2: Introduce a new variable to hold the className . which will be responsible for showing and hiding the conditionally rendered component.

Change 3: Change the implementation of handleClose .

Change 4: Pass onClose and className props to Product Component.

Change 6: Create ref for conditionally rendered component. This will be used to add listener to check if animation has been ended or not.

Change 7. In Conditionally Rendered component. In our case it is Product . Under the componentDidMount ( useEffect) add event listener for animationEnd.

Change 8: Pay attention to {once:true} , this will make sure my listener runs only once, due to this we don’t have to remove it.

Change 9: On animationEnd if it is closing animation, then simple call the onClose animaton.

Here is the final code:




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राहुल मिश्रा

A passionate iOS Developer since 2014.

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