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Generally, we don’t use these functions in our day to day front-end development. The most common use case for these functions are when either we are doing some hardcore JS work, writing a library or working on a library/framework which needs one of the function. Example of such scenarios is ReactJS. Where in Class component we use bind to bind the reference of this in class instance.

So, let’s understand what is purpose these function serve?

The job of all three of the functions call bind and apply is same. And that is to pass on the reference of this

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this keyword is one of the most misunderstood and complex concept of JavaScript. I’ve spend years working in JavaScript and sometimes such scenarios comes where it becomes difficult to understand what is this referring to.

In this article I’ll try to explain as many as scenarios which I came across which uses the this . And may be one of the scenario may help you in understanding to concept of this more clearly.

So first let’s see what this refers to? 🤔

The nature of this is fluid. The value of this changes based on the context in which the…

Front End Developer Career Path 2021

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Extension make a developer life easy by providing some quick solution for a problem. Here are my top 7 VSCode extensions that will surely make your life easy.

  1. ToDo Tree
    In our code generally we add some todos in for comments. With time generally we forgot them to address and also we can categories them based on priority. With this extension we can have a dedicated section of ToDos which is easily manageable.

Hello World !!! 🌏
In following article I’ve talked about few things that may seems small at one glance but they will impact on your code at broad scale.

Here are the few tips by which we can ensure, that we are writing clean and error free code.

1. null check 💁🏻‍♂️

I learned this hard way. We have to always do a null check before accessing a variable or key in object. Sometimes we thought that this will never be null why should I bother to add an extra if of try block. But trust me web is full…

Chopta, UttaraKhand

In mobile friendly app development performance of App really matters. Any one extra render can affect the performance of our application.

Before getting into the solution first lets understand how react renders the changes and what causes the wasted render.

React re-renders the UI whenever state associated with any component changes. And if this state is passed as a prop to components, then each component receiving this state as a prop will rendered. This is the how react should work right? So where is the issue? The issue is in JS referential equallity. In Javascript objects are of non-primitive types…

Parvati River, Himanchal

In JavaScript lot of actions are event-driven. In our daily practice we use such event and actions a lot. onClick onChange are the examples of some events and we perform some actions whenever these event occurs.

Using Pub/Sub we can leverage 😃 this event driven approach and introduce it it our logical side of application. To isolate business logic from our application layer.

Before getting into the code lets understand Pub/Sub by an analogy of Newsletter subscription. Suppose 🤔 we have a newsletter subscription. Whenever new article is published, the newly baked ♨️ article is delivered to our mailbox 📧…

Serenity Beach, Puducherry

In react-application we encounter many scenarios where we want to switch to another route based on API response. For example when user submits a form, based on success failure we want our application to redirect him to certain specific page. Generally we accomplish this by creating aflag variable. Which keeps track of our decision whether to redirect or not. We make one state variable and update it, whether we want a redirection or not. Here is the code sample for the same.

Class Version

Generally for two purpose we prefer to use different environment in our application:

1. For security reasons: As JS being client side we can’t risk 🔴 putting our sensitive information in a constant file when we host our code in git or any other version control websites.

2. For Testing before deploying to production: As we never want to get bugs 🐛 in our production just after we push a new build. We prefer to test it on different environment with different setting and data which reduces the changes of getting new bugs 👌.

When we create our reactjs application…

In order to add asynchronous behaviour to redux we use a middleware called redux-thunk.
Just like regular action creator in redux return an action object, redux-thunk action creator return a function. And what special about this function?

It has an argument which we use to dispatch actions based on our async work.

So lets see how we can add redux thunk in our react-app.

Step 1: Create a react app. (npx create-react-app reduxthunk)

Step 2: Install required packages: npm install redux react-redux redux-thunk

Step 3: Create a folder name it redux we will put all our files related to redux…

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